Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm a mess

Press play first:

I'm a mess.

well, not really a mess, mess. But the kind of mess where I know how to fix it/clean it up... but I don't.

I've been dealing with stuff. Nothing big (well, it's big in my world- but that's mostly because I'm a girl with way too many emotional hormones to deal with).

school, job (or lack thereof), Sweden, money, family... life.

But then there was something I realized tonight. I need God. And I know that I need Him... and I constantly think to myself, "self, you need God. Why don't you go talk to Him? Why don't you read His word? Why don't you listen to Him?"

But that's as far as I get. I don't talk to Him, I don't read my bible, and I don't listen. And when that happens- I get stuck in this rut... and I know the one thing that will pull me out- but I don't let Him in.

I was writing in my journal, and I wrote, " I'm desperate, stressed, and confused. I'm not patient or trusting in God... seems like I need to re-set my priorities... I need my Superhero God to come to my rescue, but first I need to let Him in."

And with that, I drew a little comic (though I don't like to call it a comic- it's not funny or silly... it's actually a really sad fact about my life). I decided to share said comic with you (whoever you may be). Be warned, it was not drawn by anybody close to being good at art... but hey, I tried- and that's all that counts- right?

Anyways, here it is. Part one of a maybe continuing series (if I get up the courage again to show my non-art online!)

Oh- and about the song. Listen to the words. So, so true.

here you go:


  1. Love it, Corrie. Why is that so true for us so often??

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  3. Corrie this is amazing. Please continue to show us your "comics" !!! And I love that song - who is it by?