Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Report: Day 1

Here are 10 things I learned about working one day on Pikes Peak... so far...

1. You lose about a liter of water just by driving up the mountain...

2. Making world famous donuts is easy, but messy. I'm still picking out dough from my arm hairs

3. If you bend down to pick/clean something up, then stand back up, you get dizzy.

4. Dropping a whole tray of donuts results in a super slipper floor (oops!!)

5. The people I work with are pretty cool... now I just need to get out of my shyness bubble and become friends with them!

6. First shift leaves at 7:00 am, which means I need to leave home around 6:30am, which means I need to get to bed earlier... waaayyy earlier.

7. You can drink as much water as you want to, and not have to pee.

8. Working 8 hours hurts feet

9. Don't throw your dentures away, or else someone will have to dig through all the garbage, all day (luckily, said person was not me)

10. This is going to be a super challenging job, especially when I add school into the mix, but I'm excited about all the opportunities it's going to present!


Disclaimer: these are not my donuts... however, my donuts did look better- just sayin'!

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