Sunday, September 19, 2010


                                                                   cute, right? (
Dear Sweden,
How do I get to you? How can I make you possible?

I am starting to wonder if I really can make Sweden possible. $12,000 is a lot... especially when I barely have enough money in the bank to pay for gas.

Is this a situation where I can send out "sponsorship" letters, and set up a website with one of those thermometers showing how much money I've raised?

 Is this something that I can ask for a loan from my grandparents?

Will my parents be able to pitch in?

What about the loan I have now from Pikes Peak Community College... will I have to start paying that back after this year- while I'm in Sweden?

Should I only plan on being in Sweden for half a school year versus a whole year?


Like I said before, I barely have enough money to pay for my life now... how will I be able to pay for anything later?

I want to send in my application soon... however, one question asks if I will be able to pay the cost of the whole tuition.
What if I can't? Does that mean I can't go?

I don't want to not go.

So, what happens if I end up not being able to go?

Where would I go next year? College? Or work for a year and shoot for Sweden again?

If I go to College- which one? Should I continue the cheap(er) route and stay home and go to UCCS? Should I go to another public college in Colorado? Should I leave Colorado... maybe a Christian College?


What if I decide to just work for a year? then what? Go to Sweden, then finish up college?

That's 2 more years added to my college education... is that what I want?

Way too many questions for my little head... very overwhelming... I don't know where to start. 

Prayer is the only thing I know is certain.

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