Wednesday, July 1, 2009

lodgin' campin'

So, The Lodge group went on a hike then camp then hike trip! We hiked to Arravado Campground, which took about 2 hours, including getting lost in the forrest :) then we camped which was wonderful! It was so relaxing! And we had a little worship session around the camp fire- which was so awesome! Then today (Wednesday) We hiked some more- is was about 1.5 mile hike, and took about 2 hours to hike it- a lot of up hills... but still fun! :) God was so creative when he made the world!
I have always thought/imagined that when God was molding the world, the mountains were the little wrinkles in his hands, or the space between each finger! :)
Anyways, everything this past day twas stunning!
And now, some pix:

One of the many creeks at Horn Creek... we walked over 2 on the way to the campground, and then 3 on the hike the next day! They all had their own beauty!

One of the many views while hiking up to the campground

The one on the left is my boss Alice.
yes, I get to work for her! :)

yummy dinner!

We have fun with each other!

The Lodge gang

Russ (my other boss) leading some worship around the campfire!

The sky was so pretty that night!


The view on the hike we took after camping

And yes, I did get a sunburn while on the hike!

Some more pretty flowers. The trail we were on is called Rainbow trail... so many colors on the hike!

The sky, of which I love!

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  1. Corrie, it is so beautiful!!! I love the flowers and all the plants and landscapes! Thanks for putting up all these pictures! It helps me have a better image in my head of what you're doing :) Love ya!