Monday, June 29, 2009

One Month Later

Well, I’ve been working at Horn Creek for a total of one month and five days… and have one month and eighteen days… crazzzyyyy….
Anyways, I thought it was due time to start up a blog to tell everyone who cares my “adventures” while here at Horn Creek.

To start off, I am living in a cozy little apartment/cabin/living area with 20 other girls, 6 are in my room.


We live in an area on Horn Creek called the Ranch Apartments. Lodge (where I work) is up, and Mountain Meadows (where other summer staffers work) is down. So we're right in the middle- which is nice!

This is The Lodge building (where I work). It's so pretty- inside and out. And you can see Horn Peak perfectly from here!

And this is the dear Lodge staff... which I love. They're all awesome- God could not have put together a more perfect group together!
(From upper right: Tori, Shyanne, Ricki, Nicole, Jason. bottom right: Dondi, Alice, ME, Hannah, Cassie and on the floor is Russ)

Horn Creek does family camps in the summer. Each week a new family camp comes in. As a server, my job is to serve their food, clean their food, clean their living space, and clean the rest of Lodge. As hard, or boring, as it might sound, it is actually a lot of fun! The people I work with are awesome, and getting to know the campers is always a blast. It usually does not even feel like I'm working- which is fabulous!

This week, there are actually no family campers at Lodge- so we've been doing different projects around here. Like cleaning all the windows (so long), scrubbing the walls, organizing...

But, since there are no camps, we're also able to have some bonding time. On Sunday the group went to Salida (a small town about an hour from Horn Creek)... we had some coffee, played in the Arkansas River, took lots of pictures, and ate fabulous pizza! It was so much fun getting to just relax!

from right to left: Abby, me, Katherine, James, Ricki

My groupies hangin' out in the river.

The coolest dino-car ever!

Yummy Pizza!

Me, Shyanne and Ricki waiting for dinner

And because I forgot to put this picture up sooner, here's all the summer staff. We went on a 10 mile hike the third day we arrived at Horn Creek... it was tought, but so worth it in the end! Like I said before- they're all awesome! We've created this family here which is so cool! I love them!!!!

Well, I do belive that is all for now- I'm sure there will be more to come- there's always something going on at Horn Creek!
I love you all! TATA!
- Corrie

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  1. This was so cool! i'm glad to hear ya'll are having so much fun! i love and miss you three girls so much. Corrie...those pictures were great! take care and God bless =)