Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ever since I’ve started working at Horn Creek, It has rained almost every day… without fail. But, surprisingly, I’ve grown in love with the rain. It’s so calming… the sound, smell… everything…
It usually rains on my afternoon break, and I often find myself laying in my bed with my eyes closed and just enjoying the rain.
Rain is such a simple idea. Moisture gathers up in the clouds, and then when it gets too heavy, it falls down to water the earth. Then the sun comes out, the water evaporates and the process starts over again… it amazes me how clever God was when he thought of rain… how such a simple thing gives life to everything.
And one of the best parts of the rain is what comes after. Usually we can see a rainbow after the rain. One day when I was working, a girl I work with said, “Look, it is God’s promise…”
It amazes that instead of thinking, “God’s promise,” we often just think, “Look, pretty colors.”
There are so many things in this world that makes us think, “pretty” and nothing more… At the beginning of my summer here at Horn Creek, pretty was the word that popped into my mind more than once… but there is so much more than pretty… so much complexity in the pretty that makes it magical.
Who else in this world could think up mountains, grass, trees, deer, chipmunks, rain, stars, moon, clouds, sunsets, sunrises… it amazes me that there are so many people who believe that humans came from monkeys which came from fish which came from acid rain on a rock. All I can see acid rain doing is making a big hole- not a never-ending, awe-inspiring, beauty-filled universe.
Living up here at Horn Creek has made me realize how much God has really given me- how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful world. I feel so lucky when I remember that God picked ME to live in such a unique world… it makes me feel so special! J
And now, some pictures of a sunset after a long day of cloud cover, and gloomy weather… but a reminder: there is always something breathtaking after the darkness… and it starts with G and ends with OD!!

All of these pictures were taken from where I work... The one above is Horn Peak. The sky was so pink- it pretty much turned everything else pink... SO PRETTY!!!

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  1. These pictures are so amazing Corrie. Our God is such an awesome God!!! Thanks for your insightful thoughts on God's creation — it is so important to keep that perspective, remembering that God made it all! Thanks for reminding me :)