Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lets change things up a bit

First of all, it's been a while. My apologies.

Second of all, We only have 2.5 weeks at Horn Creek left... crazy. The summer has caught up with me. I am always tired, and sometimes find myself looking forward to August 16 when I get to come home. But then I remember how sad it will be... to say goodbye to all my new, wonderful friends... Though 2.5 weeks seem like forever right now, I know it'll go by quickly...

Third of all, I am no longer going to UNC this coming year. Weird, right?

Well, let me try to explain. Going there was not in Gods plans for me... I felt it from the beginning, and I now Know that what I felt was right. I decided this past Monday that UNC was not right...

SO, now it's Thursday, my day off. The parents picked me up last night and today I applied and registered for classes at Pikes Peak Community College within about 2 hours... or less.

But ever since I've decided to not go to UNC, I've felt this peace... like a burden has been lifted. Doors have been opening, and I've heard nothing but encouragement... I am so excited to see what God has in mind for me and what his plans are... though they are not obviously UNC, they will be grand! :)

If you want more info just email me!
I guess our food was good... he was eating it for a while!
On our way to San Isabel Lake

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