Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don't worry... I'm still alive

Well, it's been exactly 2 months to the date since I've last posted here... sorry bout that...

2 months....
1. Horn Creek ended... Let me tell ya, Horn Creek was one of the best times in my life. Everything about it screams beautiful, God, fun, love... It was my home for the whole summer- and I feel like it's still my home, just waiting for me to return...
speaking of returning to HC- I might go sometime soon (hopefully) for a mini-volunteer trip. I cannot express to you how excited I am!

2. Started classes at Pike Peak Community College (PPCC). It's good. Not the same as living in a dorm. But it saves money! I'm about half way through of my first semester- and so far I'm getting pretty good grades and making a few friends. I will admit, compared to TCA, it's kinda easy... which is nice! :)

3. Yesterday, September 29, 2009, my friend Alyssa Geske died. She has had a brain tumor for about 2 years now. I knew her enough to know that she lived a wonderful, beautiful life. I remember her as the non-shy, independent, secure and funny girl, with bright, beautiful red hair. She's with God now. No more pain. She's watching us now smiling, excited for us to join her in such a wonderful place.

4. God is beautiful. I'm sure I've said that before... several times... but, it's true. And living in a place like Colorado Springs just brings out his beautiful-ness all the time. We're so lucky to be living Gods picture.
I'm sitting here in my room looking out my window, which has a wonderful view of Pikes Peak. It never ceases to amaze me. Every time I turn the corner and Pikes Peak is there... wow... who knew rock could look so... amazing.

So, there you go, 2 months in a nutshell... and now, as always, some pictures!
This is Banjo... he was the 'camp dog'... we had no idea who the owner was, but he enjoied following us to work everyday and hangin' out on our porch! :)

On the last day, as in the day we left Horn Creek, I went up to the meadow and watched the sunrise... it was ah-may-zing. (The night before me and some other girls slept outside... the stars were beautiful as well!)

And this is Pikes Peak... the sunset was beautiful tonight!

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  1. Wow! looks like you had an ah-mazing summer Corrie. I can't believe that we are already pretty much halfway thru this semester at ppcc. My ceramics teacher keeps track of the class number on the board, and I am pretty sure that tomorrow will be class number 13 out of 30, that means we only have 17 more to go. Midterms are coming up too. Where has this semester gone? Oh well at least it is running smoothly now compared to the beginning when school started in August. By the way I like the background of your blog, it looks kind of like a scrapbook. Your pictures are awesome too. Amazing you found Columbines, they were nowhere to be found here for some reason. And yes we are so blessed to live in the center of God's handiwork, especially when compared to flat Iowa, it is amazing to wake up in the morning and see Pike's Peak pretty much the whole time I am driving to work or school.