Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Going to a Christian College

Since the beginning of my existence, I have lived a pretty sheltered life. I went to nice middle-class (mostly Christian) schools, had a steady family dynamic, had a good relationship with my church, lived in a safe neighborhood… you get the point. I've had it easy.

So I was always nervous about the possibility of going to a Christian college. Because I thought to myself, “you need to experience the un-sheltered, ‘real-world’ life”.

For a long time that is what I seriously thought… that I need to experience an environment that was completely un-sheltered, where I was around people that lived a different life-style than me.

Why did I have these feelings, one will never know. But I had them, and they were there.
But oh how happy I am to know that those feelings did not get in the way of me attending a Christian college.

My grandma was admitted to the hospital last night, and is going to have heart surgery tomorrow…
                        1. I am SO thankful that I am going to school only an hour away.
      2. I am SO thankful that I am going to a school with amazing students, and amazing teachers.

To tell a professor why you won’t be in class tomorrow, and getting a reply that says, “I’m praying, keep me updated” means the world to me. They honestly care about me. That’s something special.

And then to have a professor (who isn’t your adviser  know your major, and email you job or volunteer opportunities geared toward that major. Wow.

Or like this morning, as I was taking a midterm at 7:30am. Not only did our professor bring in coffee, water, orange juice, donuts, and muffins… but he walked around the room giving us refills and picking up our trash as we were filling out our answers.

They care about me, and about my future. Seriously, you can’t beat that.

Maybe I have lived a “more sheltered” life than others. Maybe I have yet to experience the ‘real-world’ and all that comes with it. But instead of wanting to have those experiences, I am learning to just be thankful for the maybe sheltered life I am living now. Because I have no doubt in my mind that they are preparing me and my heart for whatever is to come, and that is a beautiful, amazing thing. 

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  1. This post is so beautiful. Thinking about it the way you put it makes me so grateful that I went to a Christian college too. Thanks for your thoughts :) <3