Friday, February 1, 2013

GUYS, I'm in Omaha...

Well hello there.
It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. I have two excuses:
1. I was writing on another blog whilst in Sweden (
2. After coming home from Sweden I just never had anything too… exciting… to write about.

So a little update in one sentence- Ready…GO:

I came home from Sweden, hung out for four months, and then started College in Omaha, Nebraska.

Pretty exciting, eh?

So I’m here now in Nebraska. It doesn't have quite the same charm as Sweden, but it has its own beauty. Like the sunrises and sunsets, the trees in the fog, the super super nice people EVERYWHERE (except for the lady that honked at me that one time… that wasn't very nice…).

I’m studying Christian Camping at Grace University. Here’s how a normal conversation goes when I tell people about what I’m doing:

People: “What? You’re studying how to go camping as a Christian?”
Me: “no, no, no. I’m studying the ministry that is Christian camping.”
People:  “Oh, so you’re going to run a camp someday?”
Me: “no, not necessarily. I am going to learn how to work in a team of awesome people who together use their talents to run camps. I’m going to learn how to be a part of ministry. I’m going to learn how to tell people about Jesus.”
People: “oh, cool.”

Yes, cool.

So far I have met some great people, and am loving my classes. I have been in Omaha for almost 2 weeks (it’s weird cause part of me feels like I've been here longer, but another part of me feels like the time has gone by so fast already).  I think I’m past that awkward, “hi, I’m Corrie. I’m new. And I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing” stage. At lease I hope I’m past that. I’m meeting new people, making new friends, figuring out how to work my way around the really confusing campus layout.

It’s a work in progress. And I know it will take time. But I am so blessed by these last 2 weeks and everything that has happened so far! I’m excited to see where the rest of this semester will lead me!

Woo Hoo!

There you have it. Hopefully I’ll keep using this blog to document my journey throughout this new step in my life. Be excited! (or don’t be excited, I would never want to force anything on you… ) J  

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  1. Corrie! Yes, I may be shamelessly stalking you...I'm sorry. I just love learning more about people! Nebraska does have the greatest sunsets ever! And I saw you like too! I have a Sony that I got for a good deal from my grandpa and love it to death. :)
    Okay, promise I'll stop stalking you now.
    OH. One other thing. So glad to see there's finally a girl in Christian Camping! It's been just one guy for quite a while. That's a major I'm considering since I've several times enjoyed working at camps. :)