Thursday, October 21, 2010

And these are a few of my (new) favorite things

I was sick all day today. Headache, stomachache, blahache. As usual, when one is sick, one goes to bed early… which is what I did. Then, all of a sudden, about half an hour ago- I woke up with a sudden burst of energy. Sick-be-gone must also equal staying up until unknown hours of the night. Awesome. But I thought I would use this new found time to catch up on my bloginess. So first, a quick catch up on Corrie.

I have a job. Well, it’s actually the same job- sort of… but better hours- yipeee! I am still working at the Ponderosa Camp and Conference Center (and having a blast working there, I might add). Over the summer I just worked housekeeping. Then, as fall started to approach I got onto the kitchen staff. And now, I’m in the office. That’s right folks, I have my own desk, own computer, own work email, own set of keys. Wooo. I feel legit now!

School is still going. The past couple of weeks, er month, have been crazy. It’s been a learning process to try and fit school work into a 30+ hour work week. I’ve been slacking, and I’ve been behind in my school work- which is no bueno. This past week I’ve really been working on fitting school and work together. It’s crazy, and a little stressful at times, but I can do it… and I am doing it. The process of catching up will be tough, but it will all be worth it in the end! Plus, midterms are over… so I get a week or two of “easy” school.

I’ve realized lately that I have a lot of new favorites in my life. New hobbies, books, music… which brings me to the title of my post: And these are a few of my (new) favorite things. So here they are, enjoy.

1. Leon Jackson. He’s this UK singer. Michael Buble-ish… or as I like to say- AWESOME! I had to order his CD on Amazon, cause apparently America is too good for him. It took a while for the CD to come- but it finally did! And I love it! Take a listen:

2. Mark of the Lion Series. By Francine Rivers. Uh-ma-zing. I’m not much of a reader (pity), but I do get caught up in her books. I read Redeeming Love a while ago- love, love, love. And then I was introduced to her Mark of the Lion series- love, love, love. GOOD Christian-fiction-romance can be hard to find- but I found it. If you want to check her out- lemme know… I am happy to loan out a book or two! Plus, it’s almost winter… who doesn’t want to curl up in a blanket snuggie, with a hot beverage, and read a nice, warm your heart, awwwww, romance.

3. Hand written letters. I love it when I get a letter in the mail- and I realized that does not happen on a regular basis… so I thought that maybe if I started writing hand-written letters to people, they’d write me back- and viola, letter in the mail for mua. Brilliant, right?

4. Crochet. I started learning by myself (on youtube, nonetheless) how to crochet during the summer…. Which is also happens to be the worst season to learn. I have a bag full of hats and scarves that I made, but have yet to wear (yay fall and winter!). Now that it’s getting cold- FINALLY- I’m getting excited again to crochet!

5. Julian Smith. So, I’m not much for spending too much time on youtube watching videos. But I have been recently introduced to Julian Smith. HI-LAR-I-OUS. Well… maybe it’s just me. His videos are clean (for the most part), and incredibly random. Randomocity + Corrie = perfect. Again- love, love, love. Check him out:
6. Growing Stuff. My brain must be seasonally backwards- I crochet in the summer, and grow stuff in the winter… hmmm… Anywho, my mom got this vine from a student from her school- she had no where to put it, so I took it off her hands. It now sits in my room. I’ll admit- I’m horrible at remembering to water (thus the plant genie- which I still forget to fill up when it gets empty). But I love it. I love pulling up the blinds to give it sunlight (is this weird?). I love just looking at it and all it’s twisty parts. I love the fact that even though I don’t always water it- it still looks good. I’m also growing some Lima beans. It’s for a biology project. They are just now starting to pop up out of the soil- and It’s just so fascinating to me how fast those little things grow… I just want to stand there and cheer them on… (weird again?).

7. Work. I wrote a little bit above about my work. I love working there. LOVE IT. The staff is awesome and so encouraging! I love being able to openly talk about God and to have deep discussions with everyone! I love working in the office because I get to actually meet the guests- though some are, well, weird- I love hearing why they’re here and a little bit about their life. I also love the fact that I work in 3 different places- so it never gets boring. This week, I’ve worked in the office and will work housekeeping. Next week I’ll work kitchen, office, and housekeeping! GAH- love it.

8. Junior High. So, Jr. High has always been a favorite of mine- but it just keeps getting better! We’ve started doing small groups… and though the girls can get a little chatty, we still are able to always have at least one good discussion- and they’re always worth it… even if they’re a little off topic! Let me tell- we have some smart girls in the youth group!

9. Green Tea and Hot Chocolate. Nough said.

10. Sweden. It’s starting to become a reality again. And I cannot wait to see it come true! I’ve started filling out my application, and figuring out what steps I need to take to make this dream a reality… so exciting!

So there you have it, a long post, my apologies. But thanks for reading anyways!

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