Monday, January 25, 2010

Do you snowbound?

What a wonderful and beautiful weekend... Snowbound was the best.... really.
- I was able to grow a strong relationship with the Jr. Highers (especially the girls!)
- I was reminded about God's sacrifice for me
- I renewed my soul with worship
- I ate delicious food
- and I quickly understood the meaning of, "you're going to get no sleep this weekend."

BUT, God is good. So, so, SO good. I prayed for the kids before, I prayed for the kids during, and I am praying for the kids now. I hope that they take what they learned at Snowbound and apply it to their lives. I hope they take time to grow a CONNECTION with God. I pray they WANT to grow an inseperable friendship and love with God.

The amazingness of God was seen EVERYWHERE at Snowbound.

Before the activites started at snowbound, we had a leaders meeting in the mornings. The second (and last) morning there, me and Nicole (the other girl counsler) woke up feeling energy-less. Our cup full of caffine was no longer there. We woke up, got ready, walked out the door, probably complained about the cold air, then turned the corner... and between the buildings and between the trees, we could see a beautiful sunrise... our cup full of caffine came back. We literally ran down the slippery stairs and to a place where we could clearly see God's beauty. After that, we were set for the rest of the day!

Pretty, right?

And now, I'm at home. Looking at the pile of books that I need to read for tomorrow. Oh school. Oh life. But Snowbound 2010 is still here. Maybe not as 'cool' as over the weekend: There's no band. There's no speaker. But there is GOD. And the connection that was created at snowbound (I hope and pray) will not be loosened, but strengthened.

waiting for food

Note: this is when the cabin was CLEAN

boys will be boys

and girls will be girls

Circle of Truth



The Group

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