Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This yearnin' feeling

FACT: I am yearning for something.

I think that I am always yearning for something. For something more.

Sometimes the yearning is to do something to somehow 'better' this world. To give myself meaning, maybe?

Sometimes the yearning is to go on adventures (which is really hard/frustrating with a limited budget). Maybe I do this to prove myself?

Sometimes the yearning is to just stop everything I’m doing. Leave everything I’ve accomplished. Run away, and start anew (preferably somewhere with a beach).

If you take away the “y”, “a”, “r”, “i”, “g”, and move the “e” and “n’s”, and add a “u”, “c”, “o”, two “t’s”, two more “e's”, a "d", another “n”, and two “s’s” you come up with a word that isn’t even a word according to word (I know, dumb, right?).

Uncontentedness: the act of not being content.

Here’s the dealio, folks:

This ‘yearning’ feeling that I feel (and I’m pretty darn sure you feel it too. Yes, you) is natural. I think as humans we are born to yearn for something… more. Something… greater.

And sometimes we forget that this something ‘more’ and something ‘greater’ is literally right in front of us, and behind us, and to the right of us, and to the left of us, and above us, and below us, and inside us.
(hint: He’s called God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father, YHWH, Abba…)

HE is where our yearning should lie. HE is where we should find our contentment. Even if life throws you curve-balls, even if people around you fail, even if you want to do something better, go on adventures, be someone different, even if you realize that there’s not enough cheese in the refrigerator to put on that quesadilla you’ve been craving.

RUN to Him. GRASP Him. LOVE Him. Let Him HOLD you. Let Him GUIDE you.
Let Him fulfill your yearning. Let Him be your content. 

It’s Challenge for Corrie time:
(side note: in my head I’m currently playing this epic theme song while I bust through a door and yell: “CHALLENGE FOR CORRIE TIME!!!”)

When I’m yearning to make the world a better place: serve others (in my home, in my neighborhood, in my city).
When I’m yearning to go on an adventure: spend time in the surrounding beauty with my Bible.
When I’m yearning to run away: look around at the many, MANY blessings God has placed in my life.

When I’m yearning… go to HIM.


disclaimer: pretty much every time I 'blog', I usually start it by complaining, or whining, or wanting to write about a disagreement. And usually, as I write I start to get a different perspective on things. God gracefully and slowly shows Himself to me as I write. For some reason or another I see how some of my 'original blogging thoughts' are... um... dumb. idiotic. no-good for nobody.
(Seriously, This blog post was originally 2-times as long before I deleted the first half). 

So praise be to God who gives me a new perspective on life, and allows me to sleep with a peaceful mind rather than with an upset mind. 

And if no one else gets anything out of this little ol' blog of mine, then that's okay. Because I usually learn something new as I write. So selfishly, this blog is for me. But I thank thee for reading it as well. Through the ramblings and all, God bless your beautiful and patient soul. 

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