Thursday, December 8, 2011


My grandpa is in the hospital again. He had a stroke.

The doctors said that his right artery was 90% blocked, and his left was 86% blocked.
He has some brain damage ( though thankfully it dosent sound like a lot), and they will have to eventually perform heart surgery.

We were planning on meeting my grandparents at a campground in Cali 2 weeks from now. Plans have obviously changed.

It kills me knowing that I can't be there with them right now... But we have family there who I know are taking good care of him, and each other.

I am reminded of Philippians 4:6-7. It was a verse that helped me get through the last time he was in the hospital, and it's a verse that is helping me now.

Though I am hundreds of miles away from him right now, I can still count on prayer. My grandpa is a fighter. He shouldn't be alive from his last accident, yet he is. I know that with Gods grace, he can win this new battle.

My grandma is also the strongest person I know. Her love for him is inspirational, and I know that with her by his side he knows this is not a fight he has to be in on his own... I'm so thankful for her.... For both of them...

Please pray for my grandpa, and my family. This is a tough one...

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